Business Rwanda is the Rwanda’s top business magazine, website and blog.

The media house’s mission is ‘to provide detailed and relevant information in a timely fashion that will inspire and educate the local and international reader about doing business in Rwanda.’

Rwanda’s ‘Premier Business Magazine’ is regarded as a regional paragon of high-quality publishing and an innovator in business communication that delivers value to Rwanda’s biggest corporations and government agencies.

You will find detailed, up to date and relevant information on Rwanda banking, Rwanda acumen, Rwanda Capital Markets, Rwanda Communication, Rwanda Competitiveness, Rwanda Construction, Rwanda Corporate, Rwanda Energy, Rwanda Entertainment, Rwanda Globalization, Rwanda highlights, Rwanda Insurance, Rwanda Interviews, Rwanda Kigali City, Rwanda Opinions, Rwanda Politics and Government, Rwanda Real Estate, Rwanda Security, Rwanda Sport, Rwanda Technology, Rwanda Tourism, Rwanda Trade, Rwanda Travel and so much more.


2 Responses

  1. Hi there, I recently read the Feb issue of Business Rwanda magazine and I was pleased with the amount of information given. And may I add that the format, choice of color, paper quality etc. is superb. So great job!
    I believe that the site should use pictures! For instance, when you talk about the new landmark in Kigali please include the pictures of the Convention Center & Hotel as well as the IT-Park which can be found at the Spacial Solutions website.


    PS – more suggestions later –

  2. Hello,

    I have been going through, reading most of postings on this web site and discovered that, it has come at the right time, we actually need this. This is a good platform for poeple to share and knowledge and understanding, especially for those who have access to the net and browsing facilities.

    Keep it up!!

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