This New York Times blog is a delight to read even for people who are not particularly enamored with business and economics. If you think economics could never be fun or ‘hip’, this site will prove you wrong. Written by Steven Leavitt who wrote the massively popular book ‘Freakonomics, it looks at the more unconventional side of economics; written with wit and genuinely fascinating, Business Rwanda highly recommends it.


This is another fascinating blog in the same vein as the one above though this one is more link-based. There are dozens of links everyday on major developments and studies in economics, trade and finance and it is almost always illuminating. It’s a great way to be at the cutting-edge of modern economics.


The Economist magazine is widely known as one of the major authorities on world business but sadly many of the articles on this website cannot be read without a subscription on their website. This is why their blog ‘Free Exchange’ is highly welcome and gives the magazine a chance to tackle all the crucial issues in a more informal way.


This is the website for the Financial Times newspaper, possibly the media source which has the final say on all things financial. It covers the markets and most business stories comprehensively although those who do not fancy themselves as experts will find the lingo and the dry academic prose a bit heavy to deal with.


This is the business section of the acclaimed British paper The Times. It’s mainly centered on British business news although there is a world business news section.  


The Time magazine website has a business and technology page which is comprehensive and it offers fascinating interactions between business and politics in many of its comment pieces. This is a handy guide.

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