Q & A with Vincent Karega

The minister of Commerce Tourism and Cooperatives, The Honorable Vincent Karega found a minute to share with Business Rwanda at the recently held Bird watching ceremony in Akagera to examine the upcoming opportunities in the tourism sector. 

What were your impressions on bird watching? 

It is very important.  It is a new product in the tourism family. Thinking outside of the box and diversification of our economy is key and critical for the things we want to achieve.  

You mentioned thinking outside of the box. Apart from innovations like bird watching by ORTPN, are you aware of any new packages? 

Thinking outside of the box is doing things differently.  It is searching around, finding ways and solutions to the problems that we have because we believe that nature and the culture have a lot of opportunities that we are not tapping into, and that also means that the way things have been done traditionally by our ancestors and colonials are changed to the current and dynamic way by embracing the global and local opportunities and linking them and turning into them economic realities. 

Do you have any new projects in the pipeline? 

We are thinking of revamping the cultural tourism as well as the hospitality capacity and much more. The Akagera Game Lodge is slated for renovation.  We’ve got interest from strong investors who are well known worldwide.  In this case, it’s Dubai World. Their technical team is currently in the country and their work is ongoing. This will not be privatization but a joint management venture between ORTPN and Dubai World. It means putting together a company that will plan and manage the park in a manner that attracts high end tourists. That means people with wealth who want a special place.  

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