KK Security Rwanda: Building the capacity to secure the region

As regional integration takes root, several companies in various sectors are positioning themselves on how best to serve the expanding regional market. Others are already well positioned. East African Breweries in the beverage sector, Safaricom and MTN in telecommunications are some examples. In the security services sector, KK Security seems to have a tight grip on the regional market. A situation that is not likely to change given the company’s increasing commitment to better service delivery. Last year KK scooped up the “2006 Best Client” in East and Central Africa by the African Management Services Company (AMSCO, a UNDP Project).  About fifty security firms drawn from Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya and Southern Sudan were ranked based on the firm’s capacity-building, employment creation, growth and product development. Here it was noted that KK Security Rwanda created 300 new jobs in Rwanda and also trained and empowered six Rwandan managers that year.  

Least expected of your average African askari, KK has professionalized its security guards. We are not talking about ‘How to use a gun and a baton for dummies’ but rather Security Training, Public Relations, Hospitality, Diplomatic and Industrial Security, First Aid, Fire-Fighting, Physical Fitness, Searching, Bomb Detection, and Self Defense.

The precision with which KK Security provides its services is attributed to its status as one of the oldest security companies in the region having been founded in Mombasa, Kenya, in 1966. The company’s regional portfolio includes branches in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Sudan, and Rwanda. It also has a human resource base that amounts 12,000 in the region. In Rwanda alone, KK employs 1300 people. As though to emphasize security as a top priority, the company clients and the staff are covered by Public Liability and Workman’s compensation insurance policies.  

Remaining up to date with global security technological trends is also central to the company’s growth. Alarm systems, automatic gates, sirens and CCTV cameras are some of the companies many high end products. Their team of security Dogs and their handlers enhance the patrolling by detecting intrusions, chasing fleeing intruders and bomb sniffing thereby defusing potentially harmful situations.   

Scaling up through partnership is yet another measure being taken to tighten the company’s grip on regional domination. Rwanda’s National Police provides an armed Police Officer for ever KK patrol car as part of the ongoing collaboration. Local security companies and Rwanda Security Industry Association (RSIA) are all equally critical partners.  


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