ELECTROGAZ RWANDA: A nation is powered

The antiquated infrastructure of the sole electricity and water utility company worked to ensure a dark nation during the pre-1994 period. The luxury of running water and a lit home was reserved for the affluent. The situation could only get worse with the 1994 civil war that further tore apart the country’s infrastructure. To make a bad situation even worse, there was a sharp increase in demand at a time when the water levels were fast receding, causing a slump in the power supply.  

This called for proper crisis management and careful power rationing if Rwanda was to rise against the odds. Indeed, ELECTROGAZ rose to the occasion by carefully allocating electricity and water to important social service centres such as hospitals and schools. Homes had to forego the luxuries of watching television and warm showers as they were allocated minimal electricity at particular hours in the day.  

ELECTROGAZ later acquired high-powered generators from Germany, giving a major boost to the already-existing power supplies. This, and deals struck to import power from neighbouring countries, managed to level out the ratio of supply to demand, and light at last returned to the country.  

Today the utilities company is in the process of revolutionizing its services to meet the standards that are expected of the country as it enters a new era of the East African Community and works towards Vision 2020.  

ELECTROGAZ tackled the issue of accumulated electricity bills by supplying cash-power units throughout the country, a move that ensured that customers pay first before using electricity. Cash-power units can now be found throughout the country, as opposed to the previous situation where only Kigali city residents had cash-power units, with the rural areas largely ignored. This move also aided in economizing on power usage since every unit is now paid for, unlike the ancient system that was largely inaccurate.  

Furthermore, the company has started outsourcing the selling of cash-power coupons to retail outlets nationwide. This scheme drastically reduced the congestion and queuing that characterised the Electrogaz offices around the country.  

ELECTROGAZ has also introduced the use of energy saving lamps that consume half the power required by a normal bulb and went a step further by distributing 7 energy saving lamps free of charge to city residents.  

As Rwanda continues to set an exemplary pace in economic development, revolutionizing the water and electricity sector, ELECTROGAZ remains at the forefront of this endeavour. This transformation will include customer-focused services, commitment and loyalty, cooperation and teamwork, integrity and transparency and efficiency among other things. All this is in line with ELECTROGAZ’s vision to be the most efficient and customer-centric company in the region.             


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