Ebusiness in East Africa: Meet the Innovators

African Kiosk The African Kiosk is an IT firm, originally established to provide electronic based transactions and services that meet the increasing demand of East Africans living within and outside of the Diaspora, in purchasing and delivery of on-line procured products and gifts globally. The company’s services presently cater to clientele in Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, with a view to expanding outside of the region.  

Since its inception in March 2004, African Kiosk has exhibited growth, and, in response to consumer demand, set up a sister website, Exchange Africa (www.exchangeafrica.com), to offer services such as online auctions, online shopping and trade of products that enable the shoppers who visit the site to have a variety to chose from and avoid the inconvenience of having to drive to shopping destinations. The site also encourages entrepreneurial growth through having “hobby traders” and “Net heads” placing their products online in a bid to look for markets among the network of shoppers who visit these sites. A similar site, SenteServices (www.senteservices.com ), has also been developed for potential buyers and sellers of commodities who wish to transact using offshore bankcards. This service will be available to consumers who purchase the card from SenteServices for online shopping, who also have access to cash withdrawals from any VISA operated ATM machine worldwide. 

With this growth, the African Kiosk is re-inventing itself and is embarking on promotion of home grown products which are in a position to compete on even terms with those presently regarded as some of the best on the market; e.g. Rwanda Coffee would be able to favorably compete with Brazilian coffee as a result of its added value from wash stations and coffee processing firms. Processed Rwandan coffee can also be consumed in either small or bulky quantities by online shoppers within Rwanda, the region or the Diaspora. African Kiosk has been updating its system and products to cater to the needs of present and potential clients.  

In the next edition there will be a detailed explanation of how shopping online is done and the security measures undertaken before an order is processed.


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