DHL RWANDA: A Forerunner in Express Delivery

Necessity is the mother of invention. Sixty years ago merchants had trouble shipping from San Francisco to Honolulu on time. Dalsey, Handy and Lane thought the quickest way to get documents from San Francisco to Honolulu would be by airplane instead of water. They also felt that if they could clear the cargo before its arrival at the harbor waiting time would reduce considerably.  Today, after decades of existence and many ground breaking innovations, the benefits of express delivery have not been exploited by many of the average Rwandans. Just imagine you had everything you need where you need to be in the exact time that you expect.  

Think that this is not limited to a birthday card or an important business document but also includes heavy machinery like engines or construction materials. You average local businessman will pay to travel thousands of miles to procure equipment, logistics or supplies and later incur heavy transportation costs back home. The shipment will usually take weeks, sometimes months.  

In this age, all this can be done on the click of mouse while you kick back and enjoy a cup of tea. Get online! Search the net for a reputable supplier, pay with your credit card (Yes, they are now available in Rwanda). Put your supplier in touch with a reputable courier company; one that spins the globe and makes very regular stopovers in Rwanda.  

With a double decade local presence and 60 percent global market share DHL meets the standards of any person in need of a credible courier service. From a single page document to tons of materials delivery, Gill Trading Company has represented the global franchise in Rwanda rather aptly. The same simple innovation Dalsey, Handy and Lane exhibited sixty years ago is brought to life in Rwanda. Combined with the technology advancements of the 21st century and fast evolving service sector, the evolution is a little too swift. 

DHL’s commitment to speed and reliability is being boosted by intensive staff training, investment in technology and communication. Through Gill Trading Company, the company offers uniquely packaged door-to-door services such as Worldwide Document, Express Documents and Worldwide Parcel Express.  

For the large scale shipper, Import Express scheme offers a simple and flexible inbound door to door shipping arrangement. All you have to do is open an Import Express Account, which takes just a few minutes.  

In Rwanda today, the DHL and Gill Trading Partnership is indeed reaping benefits of offering a seamless service. A large yet fast growing client base has made it one of the nation’s fastest growing enterprises. As though to emphasize their commitment to express delivery, the company received the distinction of being one of the most exemplary taxpayers last tax payers’ day; a clear sign that DHL’s growth is equally benefiting the Rwandan economy.

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