BOURBON COFFEE set to open up 2 new coffee shops

Annita Kabbatende It has been eight months since the first coffee shop worth its salt was opened at the Union Trade Centre (UTC) in Kigali’s city centre. On the back of this success at UTC, at the end of November, Bourbon Coffee will be opening a brand new addition to the Bourbon Coffee franchise at the MTN centre in Nyarutarama. This will be closely followed at the end of December by another coffee shop at the Kanombe Airport. The new shops will open with innovative additions to the original Bourbon Coffee experience.  

In keeping with the idea of promoting the Rwandese coffee brand, the new shops will have an expanded menu with more regional representation of the coffee growing areas in Rwanda. However this time around, in addition to the coffee, there will be an ice cream parlor as well as a full scale bakery. For the coffee aficionados, the coffee beans will be ground on-site.    

To top all this off, Bourbon Coffee at the MTN centre and the airport will boast more private and fully equipped meeting rooms that will allow the executive to make presentations in a friendly environment as well as allow the travelling businessman to work right till the moment he has to board his plane. 

Bourbon Coffee takes pride in promoting the Rwandan coffee brand.  However in so doing, it is also showcasing Rwandese hospitality and innovation.  

Interestingly, bourbon coffee is an old coffee variety of the gourmet Arabica coffee which has been proven by time to possess the best in flavor characteristics. It could be said that from the moment it opened its doors, the coffee shop held the promise of serving the best of Rwandese Gourmet coffee. 

For a country whose coffee industry contributes a significant portion of its foreign exchange revenues, we could hardly boast of a coffee drinking culture of any sort.

By illustrating to the Rwandese public the numerous ways coffee can be consumed, creating awareness of the health concerns associated with coffee and the installation of free internet facilities, Bourbon Coffee is creating a lifestyle out of coffee drinking. 

Interestingly, it is not all about the consumption of coffee at this establishment. Bourbon Coffee’s management is using it as a platform to promote the Rwandan Coffee brand by insisting on serving only home grown coffee from all the coffee growing regions of the country as well as exposing its patrons to a few choice details about the Rwandan coffee industry.

At the end of this year, when you visit the brand new coffee shops, take a minute to savoir not only the gourmet coffee, but the whole experience of hanging out at Bourbon Coffee.  


2 Responses

  1. Do you or will you sell Rwanda coffee on line? I visited your original store this summer and bought a small bag of Rwanda coffee that I brought home. It was very good and I would love to be able to buy more.

  2. Your branch at the airport must have all kind of items sold (juice, ice cream, …) comparing to the need of your estimated customer. please add cookies ice cream because most of your client demand it.
    can you please add chips + salade, so as to diversify your products. Thank you and let us work together to provide a better quality of service.

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